January 27, 2007


To all my fellow quizzophiles

Apologies for the delay in posting the TY series. I have been pre-occupied with some work on the personal front so still a few days to go before I resume posting the T Y series till then here is an OBQ

He has the distinction of penning down the most profitable advertisement of all times, also called the "billion dollar mail"- for its 25 years in circulation this direct mail has bought in nearly a billion dollars through subscriptions for this newspaper. Here is an extract from the mail.

Name this adguru and the advertiser for whom he wrote this mail.

Dear Reader:

On a beautiful late spring afternoon, twenty-five years ago, two young men graduated from the same college. They were very much alike, these two young men. Both had been better than average students, both were personable and both—as young college graduates are—were filled with ambitious dreams for the future.

Recently, these men returned to their college for their 25th reunion.

They were still very much alike. Both were happily married. Both had three children. And both, it turned out, had gone to work for the same Midwestern manufacturing company after graduation, and were still there.

But there was a difference. One of the men was manager of a small department of that company. The other was its president.

The adguru is Late Martin Conroy and the advertiser is The Wall Street Journal. Read the letter here and some more info here