November 09, 2006

TriviaYogi i - Bizz 5

Q1. ConnectIQ.

What's the connect here? Well apart from the fact that both are well known faces in the fashion world :D

Connect is Reality TV Series having a common theme - Fashion Design.

Project Runaway (2004) is the American reality television series hosted by supermodel Heidi Klum aired on Bravo TV, and judged by a panel that usually includes Klum, American designer Michael Kors, ELLE magazine fashion director Nina Garcia, and a fourth judge - typically a fashion designer, critic or model, a celebrity or a professional from a related industry.

Project Catwalk (2006) is the British version of this reality TV series which is hosted by Elizabeth 'Liz' Hurley and aired on Sky ONE. It is judged by a panel that includes designer Julian MacDonald and ELLE magazine Editor-in-Chief Lorraine Candy and a thrid judge - typically a fashion designer, fashion model or celebrity from the fashion industry.

Q2. LogoSquare. Identify the logos

i) Sula Vineyards (Sula Wines)

ii) Future Group - Kishore Biyani’s Pantaloon Retail India is a Future Group venture.

iii) Elizabeth Hurley Beach – A clothing company created by Elizabeth Hurley. EH is an international luxury lifestyle brand featuring beach wear collection designed by Liz

iv) Dassault Aviation

Q3. Identify this famous investor, Forbes named him as the #1 venture capitalist in the year 2004. His notable investments include Tivoli Systems (acquired by IBM), Forte Software (acquired by Sun Microsystems), Kiva Software (acquired by Netscape), Information Advantage (acquired by Sterling Software), Arbortext (acquired by PTC), Resonext Communications (acquired by RF Micro Devices), Showcase (acquired by SPSS) and Zettacom (acquired by IDT)

Promod Haque of Norwest Venture Partners.

Q4. One of their first products was Auréole an innovative hair colour formula invented by its founder. Later the founder registered the company as Société Française de Teintures Inoffensives pour Cheveux (Safe Hair Dye Company of France). Michael Bar-Zohar's Bitter Scent revolves around the company's involvement in the pits of Nazi ideology during World War II.

Identify this company.

L’Oreal. Eugene Schueller founded L'Oreal

Q5. ConnectIQ. What's the connect?

Sodexho - A French multinational corporation and one of the largest foodservice companies in the world

Show in the picture is its founder Pierre Bellon, the SodexhoPASS Meal Voucher and Gift Voucher

Q6. Whose print ad is this?

The Economist

Q7. In the 18th century Julius Johannes, a qualified miller noticed that several women factory workers ended up getting reduced time for housework and preparation of meals, working class families suffered from poor nutrtion. In view of this state of affairs Julius decided to produce appliances for roasting and grinding dried vegetables (peas and beans) given their rich nutritive value, to make flour thus enabling housewives to make a quick nourishing soup.

Eventually, he put his instant product - vegetable powders - on the market. Julius distinguished his products by a four branched star, with a cross in its heart. The Cross-Star trademark was registered. Today we know this brand by a different category of product than the one it started with.

Identify the brand

Maggi (the 2 minute noodles brand now under Nestle)

The picture on the left shows an artist probably painting the 24th copy of one of his most famous creations (well it's known that he created 24 copies of his original work).
The picture on the right shows the US Trademark Registration No 34690 granted on July 10, 1900 to this artist's creation. A seemingly innocuous request from a person led to the disappearance of his work as a label trademark. Today we know it as one of the most well recognised images till date.

Which trademark? Enough clues in the picture :-)

His Master's Voice (HMV). Nipper a little fox terrier sits inquisitively listening to his master's voice coming from the horn. the famous painting is one of the world's most recognized and best loved trademarks. Francis Barraud painted HMV
. Emile Berliner (the German-born and Washington-based inventor of the flat disc record and the gramophone) sought a trademark for it which was granted by the patent office on July 10, 1900. Pic1 Pic2

Q9. Tuvalu is a Polynesian island nation located in the Pacific Ocean with a total area of just 26 sqkm and is the second-least populated independent country in the world. The government of Tuvalu derives about one-fourth of its revenues from returns on International Trust Fund investments what is the other major component of revenue for this island nation?

The other major component of revenue comes from leasing its highly fortuitous .tv Internet Top Level Domain (TLD) and from use of its area code for "900" line (premium rate telephone numbers)

Q10. Identify the companies against their NYSE tickers

i. COF - Capital One

ii. BSX - Boston Scientific

iii. HET - Harrah's Entertainment

iv. PD - Phelps Dodge

Scores (in the order of receipt)

Nikhil Narayanan - 4 (got sula wines correct)
Murali Duggineni - 6
Ashish Golcha - 8
Rohit Jain - 3
Santanu Dey - 4
Balaji Krishnan - 1
Mahendra Singh Chauhan - 6
Shrinidhi Rai - well tried
Jeevesh Gupta - 3
Jacob Dijo - well tried