September 04, 2006

TriviaYogi i - Bizz 2

Q 1. In October 1899, John Barbey and a group of of investors launched the Reading Glove and the Mitten Manufacturing Company. Starting with a total investment of 11000 $, a 320 sqft factory was leased for 60$ a month. This became the predecessor to a world famous apparel company. Name it.

V F Corporation (Vanity Fair) - one of the world's largest apparel companies and a leader in jeanswear, intimate apparel, daybacks and workwear. The brands under VF include Lee, Wrangler, H.I.S, Bulwark, Jansport, Nautica, Vanity Fair and many more.

Q 2. Identify the logo - one of the biggest apparel makers in the world.

Mattel. Annually, more than 105 million yards of fabric go into making clothes for Barbie and her friends.

Q 3. Established by ______________ in 1928, the group started as an indenting house (importing and distributing foreign goods) and became a distributor of several popular consumer products with world-renowed brand names like Wood wards, Cadburys, Lever, Ovaltine, Pond's, Kelloggs, Brylcreem, Beecham, Waterman's, Shaeffers, Sunlight and many more.

Name the group and its founder

TTK Group. It was founded in 1928 by TT Krishnamachari the ex-finance minister of India.

Q 4. Connect the two personalities with their company logo

Hint: They were associated with Intel

Vinod Dham and Tushar Dave founded New Path Ventures LLC the first Indo-US venture capital fund that focuses on cross border investments to leverage India's cost effective talent and high growth emerging market.

Tushar Dave started his career at Intel as a Design Engineer in the advanced processor development group and played a key role in the design of 32-bit microprocessor.
Vinod Dham needs no introduction :-)

Q 5. Connect the visuals.

Hint: A company that's specialising in solutions for the retail and the financial industry.

. The company began as the National Manufacturing Company (pic2 is its logo) of Dayton Ohio which was established to manufacture and sell the first mechanical cash register (pic3) invented in 1879 by James Ritty (pic4). In 1884 the company and the patents were bought by John Henry Patterson (pic1) and his brother Frank Jefferson Patterson and the firm was renamed the National Cash Register (NCR) Company.

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